Sunday 30 December 2012

The Gown

Ok. This is another tricky part. You can never find the perfect gown you love to bits unless
It’s custom made
You are an extremely lucky bride

So I was looking at wedding gowns and particularly favour those with lace. They just look oh-so-elegant. I begin hunting online (on facebook and forums) for bridal shops for that perfect gown and perfect photographer. Listed a few and passed to my fiancé to check them out during my absence.

Check these out from and Tara keely(


After I came back from my business trip, we went for the real hunt. We dropped by a few bridal shops in Petaling Jaya area and found most of them there are just doing it because you-are-getting-married-and-need-a-gown-from-us-because-you-cant-afford-to-buy-one. They avoided few of our questions and I bet they are laying traps for us to pay additional on top of their packages. Or maybe we were unlucky that day to get hold of untrained sale girls with bad attitude.

We stumbled on Lasposa Bridal Shop. Well, actually we didn't stumble. A very beautiful lace bridal gown displayed in their shop stopped my track. We were greeted by who we believe is the boss. Before he even talks about the packages, he asked if I want to check out and try some of the gowns. Which sane bride would turn down that kind of offer??!

So we marched up to the first floor and were greeted by gowns after gowns. Drooled, looked around, picked few and tried them out. Those I picked didn't fit my body well. Sucks! I don’t have  small waistline and my baby bump is growing day by day. But there are few nice ones though.

I asked if I can try out the displayed gown. The lady who served us told us the gown just arrived days ago and it’s for sale at RM5,000 and to rent is RM 2,500. She allowed me to try it on and I was blown away. It’s too gorgeous but I can’t find myself buying it for RM5,000.   

After 2 hours of gown fitting (they are extremely helpful) we were given portfolios of their in-house photographers to look through. They are pretty good and we favoured one particular photographer – Kwong, for his brilliant outdoor photos.

Then the boss, Alvyn gave us a run through on their packages and we signed up on the spot. 

For RM3,*** we will be getting

1.       Actual Day Rental - 3 gowns and accessories (bridal and evening)
2.       Gowns for studio pre wedding photography  - 2 bridal and 2 evening
3.       Make up for Pre wedding Photography (not inclusive of fake eyelashes   and ampoules)
4.       1 x Gown for outdoor pre wedding photography
5.       50 photos – edited and touched up
6.       1 x Framed photo for bedroom (few sizes and frames to choose from)
7.       2 x table frames for parents
8.       4R photos to be given to chi mui, friends, relatives and etc
9.       Wedding Montage
10.   Hand Bouquet worth RM135
11.   Bridal Car Deco
12.   Deco for “Brothers’”car
13.   Corsage

They required a RM1,000 deposit for the actual day gowns and will refund the deposit if the gowns are returned without any damages. Fair enough.

But please do take note if you don’t want to say goodbye to your deposit.

           During morning tea ceremony
1.       Chinese loves to offer prayer. Do open your eyes for still lighted ashes from the burning incense or the candles.
2.       When hopping or jumping off the bridal car, the oil from the car or tar is the one you must watch out for

Dinner Reception
1.       When you are walking around to mingle, do not rush. There are edges (table and chairs or decoratives) that can ruin your gown especially lace or chiffon. Just stay calm and do not rush.
2.       Also watch out for hand accessories, ciggies, red wine, gravy, running children and gown steppers.

I need to be extra careful since I'm not much of a cat-ty person. 

Side Note:
I visited Absolute Bride at Empire Soho ( and they have really nice bridal and wedding gowns for rental at a very affordable price. They are also into custom made gown if you have the budget.

I spotted a gorgeous red french laced cheong sam there. Unfortunately for me, they can’t readjust the size of the dress. My only option is to custom made the dress, they will need about 2 months and the Chinese New Year season is not going to speed up the waiting time.

They also do offer wedding photography but it was not something I was looking for.

You can also try checking Yes I Do! on facebook. They custom make bridal and evening gown at a affordable price. But no last minutes request as they get their gowns from China.  

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